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Rexel Industrial Solutions Partners with Invertor-E

At Rexel Industrial Solutions (RIS), a fully committed integrator to the Industrial sector, we work in collaboration with each customer making inventory control more efficient, through optimising the relationship between our customers and suppliers.

When the opportunity arose for us to partner with Inventor-e, we recognised the huge benefits in providing our customers with a Complete Inventory Management Solution. This exciting partnership helps us to provide a client-solution that will significantly improve our customers’ efficiency and productivity. Eliminating manual processes allows them time to focus on other areas of their business.

Most organisations have limited visibility of indirect materials used in their operation.

Inventory is often stored in multiple untracked locations, usage is not adequately controlled and replenishments are performed in a reactive, haphazard fashion.

This leads to excessive spend/over-consumption of some materials, as well as shortages and expediting of other inventory. This in turn results in an increased risk of costly production downtime.

SmartStores works as a manned or unmanned storeroom management solution and offers fast issuance and re-stock of items. It is a multi-supplier and multi-language automated re-ordering solution for every store and vending facility across all industries.

The benefits of SmartStores are:

  • COST SAVINGS – As a result of stock being more identifiable and easier to find, significant cost savings can be made.
  • STOCK MANAGEMENT – Improved stock replenishment can be achieved due to the ‘easy to read’ reports. These prevent materials from running out and not being available when required as they clearly display stock levels and replenishment requirements.
  • STOCK REPORTS – SmartStores stock usage report supports contract compliance, as it enables you to better plan and defends against stockpiling faults, depleted stock levels and other outcomes such as order delays.
  • TIME SAVINGS ­– The SmartSearch function assists staff to locate and book out materials round the clock.
  • DATA CAPTURE – SmartStores provides a high level of detail, including identifying issued item, the time of issue, to whom the item was issued and any associated cost.
  • 360° VIEW – End of month accounts provide a stock report showing complete stock value, levels and monthly spend.

Watch our video to see how it could benefit your business: