Rexel's Purpose Statement

Our purpose serves as a compass to guide us in our daily actions, supporting our strategy and ensuring we continue to make a positive impact on the world.

Rexel’s purpose also highlights our privileged relationship with our customers, because it is built on the foundation of our shared commitment to promoting the adoption of new products and new solutions to improve the comfort, security and energy performance of installations, infrastructure and buildings.

We are committed to bringing solutions to all sectors.
Our customers are an essential part of our effort to make a sustainable future possible, and our passionate, dedicated and highly knowledgeable teams strive every day to make your activities easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

The pillars of Rexel’s sustainable development strategy

Acting with ethics
and integrity 

Involving and supporting employees

Improving environmental performance

Promoting responsible practices throughout the
value chain 

“All of Rexel’s sustainable development initiatives rely on these four pillars, which are key vectors of growth, innovation and performance for the Group.”
Bertrand de Clermont Tonnerre
Rexel Group Sustainable Development Director

An ambitious environmental policy

Rexel has developed procedures, tools, and resources with the goal of better managing and controlling its environmental impact

This approach is organized in three levels:

An Environmental Charter is disseminated among the Group’s subsidiaries and is regularly updated. The document explains Rexel’s three major commitments in this regard: Improve the environmental performance of its buildings, reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, and develop and promote energy-efficient solutions.

In order to quantify its environmental impact and progression, Rexel has a centralized reporting system. This precious management tool fosters continuous improvement of the Group’s performance as well as information sharing between subsidiaries.
The reporting reference document relies on internationally recognized standards, such as those of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) version 4 or of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). The reporting procedures and results are audited and validated every year by an independent third-party organization.

Reporting comprises a series of key performance indicators that provide a comprehensive vision of Rexel’s environmental footprint. These data enable the observation of changes and progress in every area of activity, subsidiary by subsidiary. A synthesis is then sent to each country to allow the Group’s entities to situate themselves with respect to each other.

Our Environmental Charter

We believe that striving for environmental performance will deliver efficiencies that benefit the environment, our customers and our company. This Charter aims to inform our partners about our commitments and engage all employees on a daily basis, to fully embed environmental responsibility in the way we do business

We are committed to:

Improve the environmental performance of our buildings

  • by upgrading our facilities with energy-efficient equipment
    for lighting, heating, cooling, etc.,

  • by managing, segregating and re-directing waste to recycling
    or other appropriate treatment channels,

Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations

  • by minimizing the use of packaging and paper

  • by optimizing transport flows and thereby reducing our fuel
    consumption and associated carbon emissions,
Rexels Purpose Statement

Develop and promote solutions for energy-efficiency

  • by providing our customers with a wide selection of innovative products and services for energy management and renewable energy use

  • by training our sales force on up-to-date technologies and providing them with specific marketing and information materials.