What We Do


Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) is critical to successful supply chain management as it enables core operations.

At RIS we have partnered with key industrial suppliers to bring, not only improved buying power but also engineering and technical specialist support to all our customers.

RIS works as a single-source supply partner to your production process, adding value by reducing costs, ensuring end-to-end efficiency, and maintaining a constant product supply through our rigorous quality controls.

We understand that technology platforms are a key enabler to MRO success. Rexel has made significant investment in this space to ensure best in class service for our customers.


RIS supports effective maintenance reliability programmes which significantly support world-class maintenance repair and operations store programmes. Reliable fill rates and the availability of parts is crucial to ensuring smooth inventory and stores management.

At present RIS are managing numerous different engineering stores for our customers across a range of industries including heavy Engineering , Pharma/Bio-Pharma and Food/Dairy facilities. Within these stores we enforce continuous improvements, which would include but not limited to cycle counting, 6-S , ongoing review of redundant stocks , striving to improve space available at every opportunity.

Expectations are that methods of issuing items will be designed such that it is convenient for the end user.

Outside of agreed operational hours RIS can provide out of hours contact numbers for emergency requests. With the agreement of customers our Account Managers/Stores Managers have access to stores inventory information remotely so that they can assist such emergency requests without physically being on the customer’s premises.

RIS offer through our On-Site Customer Service teams kitting services particularly in conjunction with customer Preventative Maintenance programmes. We gather the parts required and present them in an agreed form, at agreed times and locations to the appropriate engineers and/or maintenance technicians.


Within RIS we are dedicated to providing our Customers with whatever products they required, there are no limits to the efforts our Purchasing Teams will strive to meet. We have a global network of supply partners build up over the past 40 years who we can call upon.

RIS can be responsible for the purchase and issue of all site MRO, PPE, Consumable, Janitorial, VMI product and Tail-end spend categories.

RIS will also take responsible for MRO Spot Buy requirements such as non stock or once off purchases

Strategic Sourcing is promoted and managed by our Procurement Teams both onsite and centrally. This is achieved by analyse the overall category spend and negotiate framework agreements with our vendior base. The main focus here is to look at the bigger picture and to generate a tactical sourcing approach that will benefit all our customers.

Within our Supply-Chain quality ,continuity of supply is always in the forefront.


RIS provide additional engineering benefits to our customer. Effective reliability engineering should provide MRO best practices and look for opportunities to reduce cost is the future for a best in class MRO program.

As an MRO Integrator, RIS work with engineering and technical specialists from our supply chain partners and suppliers within our key customers. We actively encourage them to provide technical information and updates to our end user customers. Specific suppliers are then included in projects such as cost savings through OEM Conversions or Energy Efficiency projects. All such projects and engagements are managed via our Account Manager.

RIS will also support on site facility management contractors – in providing the products required for the maintenance and allowing the contractor focus on servicing the equipment – this provides clear visibility of costs for the customer (labour and parts).

Quality Control

At RIS, our focus on quality control sets us apart from our competitors. We have in place a dedicated Quality Team to support the needs of our Customers but also to bring the RIS functions up to ‘best in class’ standard. We actively focus on understanding the QC requirements of our customers, the environment and regulations as well as challenges unique to the business.

Our staff are trained to all local procedures. All our onsite staff are involved in internal audits as well as being open to all external audits including FDA when applicable.

All our onsite and off- site staff (where applicable) work to all customer GMP requirements.

RIS lead the way in change control, we request agreements from suppliers to inform us of any and all changes within the supply chain, including any change to products.

RIS can provide a comprehensive documented supply chain for all Process Contact products to our Customers. This includes but is not limited to the site of manufacture, outsourcing operations, labelling, repackaging, irradiation processes, product sample testing and distribution centres.

Expiry Date Management and Traceability:

RIS can provide our customers with First Expiry First Out (FEFO) Expiry Date Management. all stock. Visible warning signals shall be applied to notify Customers that product is required to be used in an agreed shelf life.

Certification and Compliance:

RIS scan, retain and make available to our customers if and when required all certification which includes the retention of Manufacturer Specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Conformance, Certificates of Analysis, Sterility Reports and Certificates of Irradiation as appropriate by customised part number.

We understand the need for documented Supply Chain Management and commitment of all our on-site and off-site staff working to our customers QC / GMP requirements.   RIS are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.       


Where  viable  RIS works  with  our  Customer and  Suppliers to  review  opportunity’s  to repair  rather than  replace.  Each of  our  Stores  have  a  laydown area  where  the  site  maintenance  teams  can  leave  items  that  could  potentially  be  repaired, we  then  work  with  our  Suppliers to  review  each  of these  items to  see  if  repair  is  possible.

There are  numerous  factors to  consider  including safety, cost of repair,  efficiency and  downtime.

This includes identification, receipt of returned items, structured return processing, failure analysis, repair cost estimate, repair vs. replace estimates, and customer communication.

RIS work with customers engineering teams to identify opportunities where products can be repaired rather than replaced. We present these findings and these are then documented in our Project Cost Savings tracker. The customer then making the decision to go ahead based on the cost benefit potential and also whether this will comply with issues such as warranties.

We have a fully documented returns process which is controlled in conjunction with our Quality department.

Business Reporting

Rexel Business Intelligence (RBI) system, which feeds from our ERP system. RBI can provide all the necessary spend/ usage reports for any customer over whatever period is required. We pride ourselves in providing the information in a format that is user friendly and presentable.